New Construction

United Bank is a leader in construction lending.

Whether building a home for your family, your business, or your real estate investment, United Bank is the right choice

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New Home Construction

When you are building a home, whether it’s the first time or you’ve been through the process before, you want to work with a bank who understands the construction process and helps make the experience smooth and enjoyable, and United Bank does that. We have developed a draw process that works exceptionally well for both our clients and their contractors.

Our experienced staff is always available to answer questions, provide explanations, and share information so that you can make the best and most informed decisions throughout your construction project.

United Bank helps new home builders with all stages from lot loans, to construction loans, and continuing with the final mortgage or home loan. Often times our customers will approach us with a situation they think is unique such as a home on rural acreage, a larger budget than average for the area, an integrated business location or other special types of circumstances and United Bank utilizes its experienced team to find the right home loan for each individual situation customizing a plan to work for you.

New Commercial Construction

United Bank has a strong presence in the Chippewa Valley and beyond as an exceptional choice for commercial construction financing. We have developed an experienced team with extensive knowledge to move swiftly, at the speed of business, to help your ownership achieve their goals. Timeliness is important in any commercial project particularly when there is competition for specific building lots, contractor deadlines, and business deadlines that rely on prompt project completion which can be relied upon for open dates and conducting of business.

United Bank has partnered with clients to build residential developments, multi-family residential facilities, hotels, medical facilities, professional offices, recreational facilities, manufacturing companies, municipal and public buildings, agribusiness and farm facilities, campgrounds, and many other income-producing commercial facilities.

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Credit Cards

United Bank offers business and personal credit cards, complete with a convenient online portal that will help you manage your activity and payments.

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CDs & IRAs

Maximize your interest earnings with United Bank's CDs and IRAs, perfect for long-term or larger sum savings.

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Online Services

Securely access your United Bank accounts from anywhere in the world with our online services.

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We offer a variety of personal savings options that offer you the right amount of flexibility and exclusive benefits.

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